Rules & Regulations


1. There are 6 (six) working days in a week with the exception of Sunday.

2. The school hour is 8:50 A.M. to 2:15 P.M. and students must arrive in the school campus before 8:30 A.M. daily.

3. Every student must attend class regularly.

4. A student who is absent from the class during one period of the day will be regarded absent for the whole day.

5. If any student who is absent from the school longer than 15 (fifteen) days unnoticed, his/her name shall be removed from the attendance register, and re-admission is only possible with payment of Rs. 100.00 as re admission fee.

6. No pupil will be allowed to sit for the examinations if the attendance during the terms is below 75%.


1. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until dues to the school have been paid.

2. A written application for Transfer Certificate mentioning the year of admission is to be given by the parent/ guardian of the pupil if one wants to withdraw the student from the school and on payment of Rs. 50.00 fifty only.


1. No. verbal message will be attended to.

2. All applications for leave must be signed by the parents or guardians of the pupil.

3. Leave of absence must be obtained beforehand from the Principal for foreseen cases. When the absence is due to unforeseen circumstances like sickness etc. application for leave should be made as early as possible to the Principal and a Doctor`s Certificate must be produced.

4. Absentees will not be allowed to attend class without leave application duly sign by the parents or guardians.

5. Pupils are strictly forbidden to write or any remarks on the all or part of the school premises or furniture and any pupil found doing so will be liable to punishment.

6. Students should know that cleanliness is healthiness, and they should keep clean their books, the class room, verandah and the campus as a whole they are forbidden to throw papers insides the rooms. Discarded materials must be put into the baskets provided for the purpose.

7. Eating anything inside the class-room is strictly prohibited.

8. Every student must participate in the daily Assemblies they are also compelled to take part in the extracurricular activities of the school i.e. physical exercise, literary, social works etc.

9. No pupil is allowed to bring into class-room any book or magazines or newspaper not approved by the school authority. All such books should be immediately confiscated.

10. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards the staff of school or bad moral influence justified dismissal. Pupils are responsible to school authorities for this conduct both in and outside the school.

11. Any misconduct of the students outside the school will also be seriously dealt with by the school authority.

12. No fighting or quarrelling is allowed among the students. Severe punishment would be given to those violate peace and harmony in the school.

13. No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be made in the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

14. Any damage of furniture, or property of the school will have to be repair by the culprit. The decision of the Principal regarding this matter is final.

15. Late comers shall be liable to punishment.

16. Each pupils is responsible for the safe custody of their belongings which they bring to school. To prevent loss of articles like umbrellas, raincoats, tiffin box, bags etc. should be marked with the name of the child.

17. Pupils and staff cannot be interviewed during school hours without getting permission from the Principal.

18. Students suffering from infections disease are not permitted to attend the school for a fix period of time.

19. Any articles liable to prove a source of disturbance e.g. crackers, pistols, toys, knife etc. are not allowed to bring into the school premises.


1. The school fees must be paid for 12 (Twelve) Calendar months.

2. The Board of school Management reserves the right to make any alternation in the fees, giving prior information.

3. The fee structure for the academic session is made available in a separate sheet.

4. The school fees must be paid before the 10 th of every month for Day scholars. Late fees of Rs. 2.00 per day will be charged after the 10th of the month.

5. Those who seek admission late during the scholastic years will have to pay the fees of the previous months.

6. Security Deposit will be forfeited in case of withdrawing the student before the end of the on-going academic session.

7. In the case of Hostel boarders apart from the fixed amount of fees there will be extra bills for medical, books, dresses etc.

8. No reminder should be sent to parents to pay the fees.

9. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any case.

10. Parents are requested to keep the fees receipts in safe custody and produce them in proof of payment of fees if necessary.

11. Absent fine of Rs. 200 will be imposed per student if the leave of absence is not granted.

12. No Pupil will be allowed to sit for the Examination without the fees and fines for the current months are duly paid.

13. A Pupil who fails to attend class from the very first day after the long Holidays such as Summer Vacations, Durga Puja and Winter Vacation will be imposed a fine of Rs. 5.00 per day No leave of absence will be granted without a previous application from the guardians and parents.

14. Extra fee will be charge for joining computer class from class IV onwards.